「ユキ フジサワ」スパイラルでポップアップ開催、新作ニット帽の試着も
第4回「FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO」のエントリー開始、パリでのコレクション発表をサポート
メゾン スペシャルが米雑誌「ライフ」とコラボ プリンスやビートルズなど10組のアーティストのグラフィックTシャツ発売
ポロ ラルフ ローレン×MLB、ヤンキースやドジャースなど4球団をモチーフにしたアイテム発売
都内の百貨店・商業施設、一部フロアで12日から営業再開の動き パルコやルミネなど
セリーヌ オムがカプセルコレクション「モノクローム」発売、ハイカットスニーカーから新色登場
ロンハーマンがポロ ラルフ ローレンに別注、リサイクル素材のTシャツ発売
ユナイテッドアローズが上場来初の赤字決算 デベロッパーには「一刻も早く営業を再開してもらいたい」
ビームス ボーイがVANSに別注、チェッカープリントのスニーカー発売
「スリー」からホームフレグランスが登場 リビング、ワークスペース、ベッドルームに向けた3種の香り
ベビー ディオールから新生児向けアイテムが登場、パジャマやスタイを発売
ナイキ、アッパーを紙で覆ったスニーカーコレクション エア フォース 1やモアテン発売
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Educator (Part Time) | Tokyo Roppongi Hills

国 : 日本 日本

都道府県 : 東京都

都市 : Tokyo

カテゴリー : 販売職

雇用形態 : 正社員

就業形態 : パートタイム


Educators at lululemon athletica do just that! They educate! Their main role is to effectively educate our guests on the fabrics, features, fit and function of our product, our culture and the communities we belong to. Our goal is to have guests leave our stores having learned something, rather than having purchased something. By educating guests we empower them to make decisions for themselves based on the facts that we offer them. The guesswork is taken out of shopping for customers, and a 'Wow! It's You!' guest experience is created, leaving customers with the knowledge to educate others on behalf of lululemon athletica. Authentic conversations are key to delivering the ultimate guest experience by relaying your experiences with lululemon products to the guest. This is truly the most important role in our company and we rely on our educators to authentically share our culture and brand with their community.
Education and Guest Experience:
- Provides guests with world-class 'education' and guest experience in the areas of product, culture, and community by speaking authentically about product use through their own experiences
- Product Education: communicates special features, benefits, fabric properties, usage, and best care instructions
- Culture Education: 'demonstrates', the culture held within the company, including: attitude of fun, respect, support, empowerment, encouragement, passion, interaction with other staff, and in-store discussion of lifestyle (i.e. yoga, fitness, health and fun)
- Community Education: ensures guest is aware of in-store community bulletin board - for information and resources regarding yoga and other health, fitness and related community information. We are the hub for all sweaty endeavors in our communities!
Floor Duties:
- Creates excitement and FUN for our guests on the retail floor
- Receives/processes stock received from warehouse, involving: unpacking, counting, tagging as required, folding, sizing and placing on the floor, with overflow stock in back room and stored areas
- Assists in preparing the store for the day including: replenishing garment styles and other merchandise by color, size, and quantity requirements; folding, sizing, and merchandising as required
- Answers phone inquiries as required
- Ensures stock replenishment in work areas
- Ensures items from change rooms are returned to appropriate area - sized and tagged
- Prepares pants for hemming including pinning, completing necessary documentation (customer/store hemming slip); and educating regarding timelines for completion
- Arranges for mail and/or delivery, as required, to other locations and/or warehouse
- Completes assigned clean up evening duty
- Utilizes the Point of Sale cash system, processes payments, refunds and exchanges and issues gift cards
- Prepares alterations for pick up the next day
- Unpacks boxes for inventory as required. Boxes can weigh 10 - 30 lbs
- Under the direction of the Store/Assistant Manager performs/completes other additional project, duties, and assignments as required and/or by request
We expect all full-time employees to be available to open and close, at a minimum, twice per week. We expect all part-time employees to be available to open and close a minimum of once per week. Everyone must work one weekend day. Part-time is up to 23 hours per week; full time is 24-40 hours per week. Time is spent educating on the retail floor.


- Passion, knowledge and involvement in yoga, and/or other fitness, health or sports activities required. We expect that you will be enrolled in participating in weekly fitness activities in and out of the store with the store team
- Strong personal sense of style and athletically minded
- Upbeat, optimistic, passionate, friendly and authentic
- Excellent team player and ability to work independently
- Responsible and dependable
- Proactive and solution-oriented
- Excellent communication skills - verbal and written
- Extraordinary guest interaction, organizational and time management skills
- Ability and willingness to accept and provide feedback
- Completion of grade 12 education - preferred
- Strong problem solving and decision-making skills.
- General computer knowledge.