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「Triumph(トリンプ)」「AMO’S STYLE by Triumph」「sloggi(スロギー)」など、様々なブランドを展開しています。これらのブランド展開により、幅広い製品を発信し、女性が美しく前向きに毎日を過ごすためのお手伝いをしています。


Purpose of the Job:

The purpose of the Digital Marketing Specialist role is support Digital Marketing Manager to develop and deliver the short and long term Digital marketing strategies based on business and consumer insights for the entire Japan Amo Marketing portfolio, and to identify the right allocation of the digital marketing funds across markets.

Roles & Responsibilities

To support for developing Strategic Digital Marketing Plan and Process which continues to provide consumer focused opportunities and sources of profitable growth.
Executing the digital marketing plan and deliver against the Corporate and Business Unit KPI’s and Targets.
Implementing an operating system framework to ensure that the Digital Marketing strategy and guiding principles of the Triumph Business Unit are embedded and across, delivering one consistent Japan Digital Marketing framework and digital strategies aligned to target audience, brand KPIs ( including market share, brand awareness, brand preference, online PV/UV, traffic, conversion rate, Omni-channel transaction rate, social media exposure/ followers, iWOM), brand values, and positioning.
Plan and execute social media activities including LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and influencer marketing.
Initiate and project lead internal and external agencies in development of the regional digital marketing campaigns, brief and guide country marketing teams
Controlling the Advertising & Promotion budget (digital marketing budget) in the region to ensure efficient allocation of funds across countries in line with the country by country sales development outlook, and provide budget spending allocation on country level across consumer touchpoints.


  • 5 years+ experience, 3 years+ Digital Marketing Management
  • Experience with social media activities including LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and influencer marketing, monitoring and analytics tool.
  • Extensive consumer and competitor understanding
  • Experience with strategies & concept development, digital marketing planning, digital marketing framework development, link building and respective KPIs setting and tracking ROIs.
  • Experience in beauty / apparel /Lifestyle brand businesswill be plus
  • Experience with high-calibre agency management and agency processes