Digital/PR Specialist (Hoka, Teva)

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HOKA ONE ONE® (ホカオネオネ)は、ニュージーランドの山頂でのひらめきから誕生しました。 2009年、創業者のジャン ・ リュックとニコは、ランニングシューズの本質を見直すことで、楽に下り坂を走るという単純な問題の解決に乗り出しました。ふたりは見事に問題を解決し、ウルトラマラソンファンを狂喜させました。しかし、ランニングの普遍的な問題を解決するとは予想していませんでした。実は、苦痛は50マイルの下り坂を走ることだけでなく、あらゆるランニングにありました。ふたりは、すべてのランナーを解放したのです。HOKA ONE ONEとは、ニュージーランドのマオリ族の言葉で、"Time to Fly (さぁ、飛ぼう)"を意味します。ランニングをはじめ、スポーツのある生き生きとしたライフスタイルを送るすべての人々の可能性が無限に広がるよう、私たちは日々進化を続けています。


POSITION PURPOSEThe Marketing Specialist, Performance Lifestyle Group will be responsible for planning,
development, and execution of the marketing initiatives for Teva & HOKA in Japan.
Perform all aspects of Marketing Coordination, Brand Marketing, Digital and PR to promote the brands into the local market in timely and proactive manner.
All marketing plans/activities are to be reflective of the global strategy of the Brands.

•Be responsible for the effective marketing related activities of the Lifestyle
Performance Group operations in Japan to improve brand positioning and
awareness. Ensure timely planning, preparation, coordination and approvals of all Japan events.
•Working closely with Marketing manager, sales, MD and e-com team, create contents and communication plans on a project basis in a timely manner: Select or create key creative, Tag line & Message. Plan the most appropriate Communication media such as Earned media (PR), Paid media (Print & Digital advertising), Owned media (Own website, SNS).
•Deliver marketing assets to appropriate communication channels (mainly PR and Digital) and team (e-com, marketing coordinator, sales, MD).
•Coordinate PR agency to drive the maximum media exposure: Write Press releases, plan product lease and footwear giveaway, check the articles in timely manner.
•Coordinate Digital agency to drive the maximum reach within a planned budget. Analysis on executed creative, tagline, medium and plan for the following promotions.
•Plan and control of marketing schedule and MWB on a project basis.
•Plan and Review of marketing KPI on a project basis.
•Manage and create contents of owned media (Own website, SNS ) in timely manner.
•Implement social influencers as brand social advocators for performance lifestyle brands to virally market the brands.

■Creative Management
•Manage and handle the global seasonal brand image & data. Select key creative locally.
•Deliver artworks in a timely manner: Print AD, Digital AD, Web banners, Own web, SNS creative.
•Leverage and control outside design agency in a timely manner.
•Protect brand ID, tone and manner.

■Marketing Coordination
•Assist Marketing manager for the production of sell in strategic planning documents and product launch promotion documents & calendar. Execute the instructed tasks in timely manner based on the brand calendars. Add improvements for more efficiency if needed.
•Working closely with Marketing coordinator and Marketing manager to support marketing activities whenever necessary.
•Coordinate global guests’ travel, marketing visit schedule and translation when needed.
•Any translation when needed.


Education/Experience•Bachelor’s Degree
•3+ years marketing experience. 
•Experience of working in fashion/sports/footwear industry an advantage
•Knowledge of Web/internet, Web/mobile, SNS & CRM activity is must 
•Passion in brand building in a new environment with local and international teams
•Ability to communicate with the corporate team and ensure a link between the corporate office and regional office
•Excellent planning, organizing and problem-solving skills with the ability to identify improvement opportunities and solutions.
•Highly motivated, a team player and a proactive self-starter
•Positive, friendly and personal approach
•Customer centric approach to internal and external customers
•Highly organized individual with excellent administration and project management skills and detail orientated
•Ability to be flexible, resourceful, think out of the box and use initiative
•Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment and be results orientated
•Proficient written and verbal English and Japanese 
•Proficiency in Word, Excel, Power point, Photoshop and illustrator
•Knowledge of Web/internet, Web/mobile, SNS & CRM activity
•Work/Life Balance