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FENDI Japan is looking for a CRM Manager.This is a newly created position.
This position is based in the retail store, and regular shift policies apply.

The drivers for success in this role is understanding our client relationships, seeking to increase satisfaction and loyalty.
You can contribute the lasting success of our business by offering excellent clienteling and enriching experiences to our costomers which guarantees long term loyality.

The FENDI Japan office has about 60 people in the office and operates 38 stores in Japan. Our members interact with each other frequently, regardless of seniority or position.Fendi Japan has very open and warm working environment which reflects the culture of the FENDI Head Quarters in Italy.

Our CEO in Japan is a true role model. She is energetic, cheerful, supportive and she values each member and promotes work-life-balance. She often attends and speaks at leadership events as well as events supporting women’s initiatives.

An example of some benefits in Fendi Japan that promote a good working environment is the flex time policy for office positions and the 5 days sick leave policy for both retail and office positions.


Support CAs at G six in recruiting new clients and retaining/upgrading existing clients: ex. More and Higher Program
Identify areas of opportunity of in-store clienteling activities, develop action plans, facilitate implementations with relevant MGRs, monitor progress and results and share best practices
Fully leverage existing clienteling tools/services (ex. CIC/Heaven, CRM campaign, One FENDI Japan Calendar, Catalogue), VIC salon and relevant planned events (ex. ISM, AOT, Fur Show, MTO) for client engagement through periodical trainings and information sharing
Make targeted clients clear for OTO appointment and in-store events through data analysis
Be responsible of the store CRM KPIs: Data collection (capture rate, reachability, full reachability, usability), Retention Rate and monitor the monthly CRM KPIs results to identify areas of improvements for business expansion, if needed
Continue to change mindset of CAs: Clienteling and increasing # of recognized clients who could be invited to OTO appointment are key
Set clienteling discipline: ex. one appointment per CA per day, one store tour per CA per day
Make # of recognized clients of each CA visible
Show positive impacts of Clienteling in numbers/sales
Obtain market intelligence about competitors’ best practices of Clietenling actions in Ginza area
Liaise with CRM MGR and VIC MGR at Office in a timely manner for any supports or suggestions
Be the brand ambassador in/out of G six
Work with third party
Connect to wealthy people/community
Animate daily actions through morning briefing, facilitation on the floor and support follow up actions
Share clienteling best practices in a timely manner with qualitative information
Be in the weekly touch base with Store Director to show a weekly action plan
Anticipate changes of client purchasing behaviors and trend with agile countermeasures (ex. consumption tax hike)
Monitor the progress of CRM Campaigns (completion rate) and Prospect collection by CA, and do necessary follow-up to each CA to reach the target
Monitor and regulate the quality of appointment for in-store events aligned with the clienteling calendar
Be in monthly touch base with CRM MGR for clienteling
Plan monthly action plan of G six by floor and make each CA’s action clear
Consider last year’s action at G six to exceed sales this year
Review monthly result by using CRM dashboard by store and by CA and reflect areas of opportunity into next monthly action plan


  • English – Intermediate level (must be able to hold smooth conversations)
  • 2-3 years experience at Fashion Retail area (preferable at luxury sector)
  • Basic skills of MS word and Excel
  • Numerical date management and experience of analyzing