Retail Coordinator

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東京 本社
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Daily retail operations of existing stores
• Coordinate with the Retail Operations manager to ensure monthly rosters provide adequate staff coverage and satisfy labour cost thresholds.
• Answer all enquiries from Aesop Retail stores and counters in the absence of Retail Operations Manager.
• Support consultants at store and counter level on a daily basis.
• Update the Aesop Operational Manual when required and distribute to stores and counters.
• Assist in the calculation of both store and counter staff incentives and complete entry of sales figures into spreadsheets.
• Coordinate each retail stores and counters’ orders, including arranging their order calculator
• Meet weekly with Retail Operations Manager to provide an update on activities and tasks completed and pending
• Maintain a register of, and planner for, regular maintenance tasks required at each retail door that is reconciled against the relevant financial budget
• Ensure that maintenance tasks, including preventive maintenance, are carried out according to the plan on time and on budget
• Manage and fulfil requests from store and counter managers for consumable items (eg: stationery, linen, light globes)

Online Sales Operation and Customer Support
• The person is accountable for daily online sales operation including Tier 1 support of the customer inquiries and operational system maintenance.

Reports and Analysis
• The reports and analysis requirements for the person may include and is not limited to: weekly sales report, monthly sales summary, monthly sales and consultant review, monthly inventory level summary.


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